A Message from the Founder

My name is Al Abaroa. I am the Founder of Knight Strategic Wealth. Having spent the first 25 years of my career moving through the ranks of Wall Street I’ve had the opportunity to see many things. What I’ve come to learn is that much of the mindset is the same across the different firms. We are taught to invest our money in stocks and expect that historical rates of return prevail. However, in proper retirement planning there is so much more to that. There are many moving parts that are required to work not just individually, but also in concert with one another. Our goal is to help you understand how those individual components work from a factual perspective. Not what you think something is, but rather what you know it is. An important difference, thus enabling you to make an informed decision of what fits and what doesn’t into your personal plan. In founding the firm, I did so with a specific ethos in mind. It is to help individuals Protect and Prosper.

Our Services

Investment management

Investment advisory is more than just a strategic asset allocation. Since diversification is not likely achieved through just asset allocations, one must add intelligent design into the mix with strategy diversification. We will review your specific goals and objectives and help you match a solution that fits those needs.


Annuities can potentially help address key areas of hidden risk in your portfolio. Our advisors are well versed on the specific nuances and stand ready to assist in your understanding on how this defensive strategy works. We have found that with proper education an individual can more readily make the determination if these instruments have a place in their portfolio. Just because a specific annuity could be deemed as “good” that doesn’t necessarily mean its “good” for you. We strive to help you be able to make that determination.


Everyone needs a strategy to protect both themselves and the ones that they love from unexpected events. Life insurance policies are more than just a Death Benefit. They are also Cash Accumulation vehicles. Case design will vary based on the objective. Are your goals legacy based or are living benefits more important? Our team specializes in helping you select the right solution for your specific goals.

Long Term Care

None of us want to think about not being able to take care of ourselves or even needing some assistance. That care need comes in many forms. Planning for that need is prudent. Innovations in the LTC space have created advanced solutions.  
Learn about what we call LTC 2.0. The “use it or lose it” mindset of previous LTC iterations have been vastly improved upon.Let our team help you explore how it works and if it’s right for your plan.

Social Security Optimization

There are a myriad of claiming strategies. Before filing we encourage exploring them in more detail. Countless retirees have left thousands of dollars in earned benefits behind. We can help individuals maximize their lifetime social security benefits and see how that works into the overall financial plan.

Retirement Planning

A set it and forget allocation will perform well in certain scenarios and perform poorly in others. At Knight Strategic Wealth we take a fiduciary approach to sound retirement planning that adapts to the various stages of life. Whether that means income replacement in time of need or simply identifying gaps that can impact your financial goals, we design a strategic plan to help up the odds of successfully navigating your way to retirement and staying funded once there.


Our mission is straight forward, adhere to our four core values for the preservation and enhancement of the assets entrusted to us by our clients.

Code of Conduct

Put clients first. We are held to a Fiduciary standard and as such all client interactions must be held to that benchmark. Hence the ethos to Protect and Prosper.


The organic nature of the firm is centered squarely around human interactions. We are people first. From this we cultivate our main asset which is your trust in us. We can only keep this link healthy if our work meets and exceeds your expectations.


Underpinning the core values set out by the firm are the people who make up the team. These experienced professionals share a like minded common commitment to service at the highest level.

Mutual Growth

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.