Annuity Strategies

Annuity Strategies For Your Portfolio

At Knight Strategic Wealth we specialize in building portfolios using principal protected, guaranteed annuity investments. We are experts at helping our clients build successful conservative investment strategies. It is our mission to make sure we preserve wealth, grow principal, and insure longevity risk to offer peace of mind for our clients.


Using Annuities to Improve Your Retirement Outcome

We believe that annuities are the best safe investment to anchor a fnancial plan. While annuities don’t t in every plan, for some

investors they can be excellent tools that allow for risk reduction while guaranteeing lifetime income. Strategic annuity allocations within a portfolio can greatly minimize the risk of running out of money and increase your chances of retirement success.


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Wealth Accumulation Strategy

Growing Your Nest Egg

Investors have many different options when it comes to investments that can help them grow their nest egg. Different investments have different features and some investments may be better suited to certain investment objectives. Investors should

choose their preferred growth investments based on their risk tolerance, time frame and desired return.


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Retirement Income Strategy

Are Annuity Strategies the Right Income Solution For Me

Investors have a handful of choices to make as they approach retirement. When viewed in simple terms, your cost of living,
budget, the size of your nest egg, and how long you are going to live determines how much you can spend each year. With all of
the advice out there, how can anyone know which retirement income strategy and investment options are most relevant?


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