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Questions To Ask When Annuity Shopping

It is extremely important to understand all of the terms, fees and expenses associated with any annuity product. We believe every client deserves to have a complete understanding of what they are buying, and a realistic expectation of how their chosen annuity will impact their retirement. It is good practice to ask the following specific questions:


What is a Fixed Index Annuity?

Regardless of where you are on your road to retirement, like most people you want to protect your hard-earned money and see it grow. But in today’s low interest rate environment, safer investment products like CDs, money markets and bonds may not provide the growth potential you need for retirement planning. You can turn to […]


Common Annuity Myths & Misconceptions

When shopping for an annuity you’ll likely discover mountains of information, many different points of view, and even myths and misconceptions. How do you sort it all out? To help you make better decisions about what’s right for you, here are the facts behind some of the most common annuity myths and misconceptions. Myth #1: […]


How to Choose The Right Annuity

Now that you’ve decided an annuity might be right for you, it may be tempting to shop by comparing rates. However, some financial products, like annuities, can’t be judged based on rate alone. Although rates are one important factor, choosing an annuity based solely on the rate may not be the best way to get […]

Gonna Fly Now

Hey Everyone. It’s Al Abaroa. It’s Saturday. It’s October 24th and it’s 2020. The countdown continues. We have a big two weeks ahead, with Corona-ween next Saturday and fright night on Nov 3. 

So let’s talk about this past Thursday. Two pairs of big rivals met for a showdown. The Giants and the Eagles in a divisional matchup and President Trump and VP Biden also having their cage match as well. More importantly lets talk about what happened in the markets Thursday.

We saw some very interesting market action. I’m actually torn on whether it was positive or negative, but it has the makings of glory. If you’ve been watching my posts, you’ll recall in the video when the levee breaks I mentioned that we saw some positive action from the correction in September…

1040 Blues

Hey everyone. It’s Al Abaroa for financial intelligence training. It’s Saturday. It’s October 17th. It’s 2020. We are at the mid point of the month and now under 3 weeks to the election. Now, I don’t particularly like to discuss politics on these posts, however politics will have implications on the markets and that’s what this is about. To be clear, I am not being political or lobbying one way or another in my views here. I am looking for interpretation as to how things may unfold, market wise. I’m really unsure what is going to happen come Nov, but if Team blue emerges victoriously, here is what Vice President’s Biden’s tax plan will do and how it may ultimately impact the economy and thus markets. I’ve been watching the commercials run that say your taxes will only increase if you make over $400,000 per year. The thought is this will only impact the wealthy…

Bulls On Parade

Hey Everyone. It’s Al Abaroa for Financial Intelligence Training. It’s Saturday. It’s Oct 10th and its 2020. That would make it 10 10 20! Numerologists have field day these numbers. To my Taiwanese followers I wish you a happy double 10 day! And for you superman fans, you’ll know that today marks 16 years since Christopher Reeves passed away. Today I’m wearing my black and red as a tribute to my Miami Heat holding on to dear life, defeating the LeBron and the Lakers to push a game 6. Fingers crossed that the underdogs can prevail. And prevail is exactly what the markets have done. If you’ve been watching the posts over the last few weeks I have been talking about the leaks in the dam, meaning the markets Sept swan dive…

A Lack Of Moral Fiber

Hey Everyone. It’s Al Abaroa for Financial Intelligence Training. It’s Saturday. It’s October 3rd and it’s 2020. The 4th quarter is officially underway, and all headlines are now obviously being dominated by President Trump and First Lady Melania’s positive Covid diagnosis. After the announcement, futures in the overnight market tanked. Friday morning, the premarket was seeing a 57 point drop in the SP 500. For the second Friday in a row, the market tried it’s best to claw its way back to find positive territory. Only this time the market could not hold it. Now it is important to note that the major indices are still holding at or near their 50 DMAs. I can’t stress how important this is. As a reminder from last week’s commentary we witnessed 4 straight weeks of declines and even in the wake of negative news, have finally broken that trend in the SP…

When the Levee Breaks

Hey Everyone it’s Al Abaroa here, it’s Saturday, September 26th and it’s 2020. Here we are 4 weeks into the month rounding the turn into the end of the quarter. I have said it before and I am going to say it again… September and October are the two wackiest months of the year. Now on a personal note, I am a coach. I have coached youth sports for years and as a coach you inevitably find yourself at times behind in the fourth quarter. To me, this is an opportunity to teach the kids to shine. It is here that we find ourselves and what I try to instill in the kids is that the outcome may be out of our control – but our effort certainly is. And it is at those times that we must reach within and find the determination to give it our all. We must finish strong. That is exactly what the stock markets did yesterday, they gave it their all. The Dow rose 1.34% and the S&P climbed 1.6%, the Russel jumped 1.59% and the NASDAQ soared 2.34% but much like my Miami Heat did last night, they ended the week on a sour note ending in the red. For the markets it was the 4th straight week of losses and to all of you market watchers out there…