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Our Strategy

Our team of retirement planning specialists focus on understanding your vision of a successful retirement before curating a personalized action plan.


Simplify Your Goals

With over 3,500 clients across 43 states, we know that not everyone's financial goals are the same. The only way to get to where you want to go is to have a clear set of goals and an actionable plan to achieve them. 

Create Your Strategy

There are thousands of ways your retirement money can be invested. Unlike other traditional firms and local advisors, we provide financial plans that are unique to you.

Help Secure Your Future

A cornerstone of our business is eliminating unnecessary fees for our clients and implementing conservative strategies to protect your nest egg. You worked hard for your money, you deserve to keep it.


Why Have Over 3,500 Clients Invested With Us?

With thousands of ways to invest your retirement money, we don't offer cookie-cutter solutions. We take the time to get to know and understand our clients before leading them through retirement with a personally curated strategy.

Education Comes First

We are retirement planning specialists, but above all else, we are educators. Our clients have chosen us because we help simplify the complicated planning process.

Stability And Peace Of Mind

When investing your money, you don't want to pin your chances of a successful retirement on a fluctuating market that can turn at the drop of a hat. This is why we offer stable and steady growing investment strategies, providing our clients with peace of mind.

We Have A Track Record Of Client Satisfaction

We have worked with clients across the country. Each client has their own goals for a successful retirement. 

Over $2.25 Billion In Assets Under Management

What Do We Offer?

Principal Protection

We know that you worked for years to save for retirement. Our priority is helping protect what you have saved which is why principal protection and risk mitigation is at the center of our approach. 

Simple Clear Communication

Investing for retirement can be complicated but your relationship with us doesn't have to be. Financial Advisors don't always explain things in easy to understand terms. We take the opposite approach. We work every day to make our process as simple and easy to understand as possible so you can get your questions answered every step of the way.

High Quality Investments

When you are investing for retirement the goal isn't to get rich quick, and nobody wants to lose money. That's why at Knight Strategic Wealth we prioritize high quality investment options to help mitigate risk. 

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Al Abaroa

Founder & CEO

My name is Al Abaroa. I am the Founder of Knight Strategic Wealth.  Having spent the first 25 years of my career moving through the ranks of Wall Street, I founded this firm with a clear and simple mission.  Every day we strive to help our clients enjoy safety and peace of mind in retirement.  We do that through careful planning, thorough risk mitigation, and the use of high quality, conservative investments.  Our emphasis on providing a simple solution to a complex problem has helped improve the lives of countless clients, but in the end that is not what keeps people here.  Our clients are with us because they believe in our mission of service.  At the end of the day, all we have is our reputation in your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixed Indexed Annuities which are also referred to as FIA's are long term tax-deferred structured investment products offered by insurance companies.  Account values are protected against market risk and losses, but FIA's have the opportunity to earn a market linked return for investors that is based on the performance of an underlying index.  Fixed Index Annuities may also have lifetime income features as well for investors that are concerned with mitigating longevity risk. Learn more about Annuities here. 
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