Common Annuity Myths & Misconceptions

When shopping for an annuity you’ll likely discover mountains of information, many different points of view, and even myths and misconceptions. How do you sort it all out? To help you make better decisions about what’s right for you, here are the facts behind some of the most common annuity myths and misconceptions. Myth #1: All Annuities have high fees … Read More

Four Early Retirement Mistakes Fixed Indexed Annuities Can Help Avoid… or Fix

Retirement shouldn’t be a time of uncertainty. After years of working hard, saving, and budgeting, you deserve peace of mind in this stage of your life. Although this is always the goal, one mistake or miscalculation can potentially complicate, prolong, or outright derail your retirement goals. At Knight Strategic Wealth, we know how important having access to the right resources … Read More

What Advantages Do Fixed Indexed Annuities Have Over Other Financial Products?

All financial products possess their own unique characteristics. Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) are no exception, and have specific advantages over other financial products. From protection against market loss and higher growth potential, to more flexibility with contributions and receiving payments, here are some important advantages to consider when comparing fixed indexed annuities with other popular financial products. Bonds Bonds are … Read More

How Do Rate Caps Work in Fixed Indexed Annuities?

One of the biggest advantages fixed indexed annuities offer is their loss protection. Regardless of what happens in the stock market (or the index your FIA is tied to), your investment is guaranteed to never go down. At worst, you’ll see zero percent growth, which is better than depreciation. Having said that, these limitations go both ways. In addition to … Read More

There Are 6 Types of Retirees: Which One Are You?

Retirement is supposed to start a leisurely phase of your life that takes everyone down different paths. From venturing into the unknown or staying involved in their field of work, to having no agenda or being uncertain of their next steps, retirees fall into six main categories. Which category are you? Adventurer This category of retirees is definitely on the … Read More

How Inflation Can Affect Your Retirement

With 2022 now well underway, US inflation rates are climbing to levels we haven’t seen in nearly 40 years – currently hovering around seven percent with the expectation that they will continue rising. One of the biggest concerns people have are the ramifications that inflation might bestow on their nest eggs and investments. Naturally, inflation can and will affect your … Read More